quarta-feira, 9 de setembro de 2009

Beer Lao

Com este calor o que agora mesmo mas mesmo mesmo bem era uma Beer Lao...

A Beer Lao é até agora a melhor cerveja que já bebi e é feita à base de arroz!
Os senhores da Carlsberg não são burros nenhuns e já conseguiriram adquirir 50% da Lao Brewery Company, que produz a Beer Lao.

Fica aqui este grande video de um anuncio da Beer Lao:

Beer Lao...
Kwarm poom jai khong kon lao
Beer khong lao kon jing jai


Ainda melhor, descobri também que já possivel comprar Beer Lao na Europa: http://www.beermerchants.com/B5581

Beer Lao was proclaimed as Asia’s best beer by TIME magazine and hailed as the Dom Perignon of Asian beers by The Bangkok Post.
Beer Lao is the embodiment of South East Asia’s forgotten jewel, a tropical paradise with the innocence of an earlier age, when time was not money, life was savoured slowly and the joys of the moment triumphed over the desires of the future…………
Beer Lao is a premium authentic rice beer brewed in Laos with hand picked indigenous rice varieties, spring water originating from the foothills of the Himalayas, Hallertau hops, German yeast and French malted barley.
The oldest archaeological records of rice cultivation in the world can be found in Laos, and throughout the millennia Laos has provided a home to more varieties of rice than any other country in the world. Today some 3-4000 varieties can be found in Laos. The same traditions of care, cultivation and stewardship that have created this unique heritage can be tasted in the crisp, clean and relaxed taste of Beer Lao.


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